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About Vaughan

My name is Vaughan Jones. I’m a qualified coach, counsellor and licensed psychotherapist. I like working with people who want to take ownership of their limiting pattern (we all have them) and improve their situation.

For over 20 years I’ve worked as a trainer, coach and as a therapist with individuals, couples and teams. I help people to identify and move away from old, often unconscious behaviours that maintain a cycle of negative patterns and to develop the skills, mindset and internal shifts required to make more life-enhancing choices.

I work with late teens and adults for individual counselling or couples work. I also have experience working with a broad diversity of cultures, gender identities and sexual orientations. I see clients in-person at my practice in Remuera, Auckland, or anywhere in New Zealand via phone or video link.

I may be able to provide a limited number of free individual counselling sessions for you or your immediate family through your work EAP program, provided your organization is aligned with Benestar, EAP Services or Instep. I may also be able to offer WINZ subsidised counselling as a registered clinician with PAnzA.

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About Inner Compass

The name Inner Compass symbolises the internal growth and development needed to accomplish sustainable change, and greater levels of creativity and enjoyment. Contemporary self-development literature tends to focus on external strategies and techniques to effect behavioural changes. That can work to a degree, but this approach is often limited by unconscious protective schemas that cause us to keep re-enacting negative behaviour cycles. True change comes about when we can shed light on these unconscious patterns and become responsible for our shadow side.

My Approach

[Communication issues; Power dynamics; Infidelity; Emotional and sexual intimacy; Consensual non-monogamy; Emotional disconnection; Feeling suffocated; Desire discrepancy; Low libido]

Human conditions such as anxiety, agitation, stress, depression, and self-doubt are very common, and sometimes necessary. Rather than attempting to eliminating these conditions, my aim is to help you learn to identify their causes, to become more aware of your reactions and behaviour patterns, and develop new skills and mental frameworks so that you can accept, tolerate, and manage these experiences in a way that allows you to grow, feel more connected to yourself and others, and become more engaged in your life and relationships.

Whether you are wanting individual counselling or couples work, in the first sessions we will establish together clear goals and outcomes for us to work toward. From there we will work to make any blind-spots visible so that limiting patterns can be identified and more clarity gained on the work required to effect change and move forward / toward the desired outcomes.

Don’t worry, if you’re not clear on what you want, the process will also work to clarify that.


[Communication issues; Power dynamics; Infidelity; Emotional and sexual intimacy; Consensual non-monogamy; Emotional disconnection; Feeling suffocated; Desire discrepancy; Low libido]

I offer coaching and therapy for couples wanting to improve their relationships.

If you’re relationship is in a negative maintaining-cycle, if you and your partner are feeling more like flat-mates or even strangers, or if you’re living with constant tension and unhappiness, you might be wondering if this is as good as it gets.

It doesn’t have to be. I will work with you to identify what it is you really want from your relationship, where you keep falling into negative patterns, and help you to develop new tools and behaviours to move you toward a more satisfying relationship in which you can experience greater understanding, more closeness and intimacy. You stand to grow both as individuals and as a couple. Many clients report gaining more freedom to express who they really are.

Even if you’re both totally convinced you can’t go on living together, I’ve helped many couples develop skills that have enabled them to navigate separation with minimal collateral damage and go on to do a really good job of co-parenting, keeping the welfare of any children front-of-mind, and potentially saving a significant amount in unnecessary legal costs.


[Communication issues; Power dynamics; Infidelity; Emotional and sexual intimacy; Consensual non-monogamy; Emotional disconnection; Feeling suffocated; Desire discrepancy; Low libido]

The backbone of my methodology is through a Psychosynthesis framework, allowing space for both personal and spiritual growth.

The founder of psychosynthesis, Dr Roberto Assagioli, believed in the inherent urge toward growth in all humans. He understood the need to work with the individual at multiple levels, shedding light on repressed content so that unconscious psychological blocks could be processed, cohering the personality to engage more freely in day-to-day life, and guiding the individual toward that which has greater purpose and meaning in one’s life. Essentially psychosynthesis is a coherent psychological framework used to synthesise the seemingly conflicted or fragmented aspects of the personality, leading to a less restrictive, more creative, and freer way of being.

You can find more information about Psychosynthesis here